Reasons for the growth

Reasons for the growth of cryptocurrency: what is important for a trader

The rise in value, as well as its fall, are based on the unshakable laws of economics, based on such well-known concepts as supply and demand. In the cryptocurrency and market, all the same rules apply as in other financial markets, pushing the cryptocurrency rate up when there are more buyers (bulls) in the market, or when there are more willing to sell (bears) than willing to buy, then the pushing occurs from top to bottom.

Top tips

4 top tips for managing a cryptocurrency portfolio

Technology in coins

When it comes to payments or try to find crypto signals, the main focus here is on: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin and other Bitcoin forks. Considering smart contract technology, the first cryptocurrencies to look out for are Ethereum, Neo, Ethereum Classic, Stratis, and Qtum. In the field of data encryption in the course of payments based on the distribution ledger – Monero, Dash and Zcash.

Take profit

How a crypto trader can determine the Take profit level

Every trader or investor who comes to the cryptocurrency market seeks to get the maximum possible profit from invested funds and trading and investment operations. But it often happens that many traders and investors exit the deal earlier than the situation requires, and lose part of the profit, or, as they say, do not take profit on time, as a result, watching how it gradually becomes less and less at the time of the transition the market in a state of correction or trend reversal.

Long and Short

Long and Short in the cryptocurrency market

As you know, cryptocurrency trading allows you to make money on fluctuations in the rate of assets traded on exchanges through speculative operations designed for both short-term and long-term periods. On the one hand, this implies the possibility of making a profit from the purchase of one cryptocurrency with its subsequent sale, at a higher price. But, in addition, you can make money on the decrease in the value of the cryptocurrency, since you also have the opportunity to profit from the fall in its price by opening a deal in the “short”. The most successful and most common strategy for making a profit during a rise in the price of a cryptocurrency is the so-called “Buy and Hold” tactic. Using this strategy, traders make money on the growth of asset prices, both in the cryptocurrency market, as well as in the stock, foreign exchange and commodity markets. Its key feature is the correct entry into a long position after a strong correction in the market, followed by holding the open trade until the target level is reached, determined using technical analysis.